Pathological editing syndrome.


I spent six or seven hours this week writing a single email. It went to more than one person, but it was the same one.

Did I need to spend this time? I’m asking this too. I wasn’t sending this to nuclearised dictators. The recipients had signed up for my newsletter and were predisposed to be kind.

Is there a Pultizer prize for a well-crafted email? No, and there was no award-winning depth to this one. It did what it was supposed to: gave people updates on my writing, publishing, and the rest of my life.

And I was showing people the first few lines of my trilogy. So, I’d already written some of the words.

If you sign up for my newsletter, not only will you be able to download my free short story ( a prequel to my trilogy) but see the final letter, and via the helpful ’email me back’ button, tell me to get my act together.

07.31. 22 minutes to write a blog post. Impressive. My average is 3 hours.

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