Shtisel and losing touch with reality.

It seems I need other adults around to behave like a grown-up myself. My husband had COVID for the first week of the Easter holidays and was holed up in his study.

So, what did I do? Binged Shtisel on Netflix, a series about the Haredi community in Jerusalem, about whom I knew almost nothing (although I studied in Israel for two months).

You know a foreign language series is well-written when you’re fighting sleep, so you can read the subtitles of the next scene. And you forget it’s not real.

I’d fish a bag of oven chips out of the freezer and think, ‘Giti only ever serves healthy food.’ When my children were still wearing duvets instead of clothes at lunchtime, ‘I should never have allowed them on the internet. Giti doesn’t have problems like this.’

Then I watched a cast interview on Youtube. ‘Giti’ had uncovered hair, spoke good English, and wore jeans.

I’ll let the children use the internet for at least another week!

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