Shotgun and parenting

Our eldest went to look round Southampton University this week. He was quite impressed. But then I pointed out, that if he went there, we could pop in on our way back from IKEA.

No 2’s headaches missed his first 5 exams. I think so anyway. He’s an atheist, knows we’re praying, and so would enjoy telling us if they hadn’t.

My younger two (12 and 13) are having big fights about where they sit in the car. 6’4″ son always gets shotgun, and the almost adult gets one side. The original law was I should hear someone calling the other.

People started calling it the day before, and I couldn’t remember who’d got there first. We’ve said it has to be that morning. Then I suggested it should be the first person to the car. Rookie mistake. I’d created a parallel legislature. The person who calls side makes everybody late looking for a shoe. They’re told to climb over the person who arrived first. More arguments.

And then there are the times it’s only the two of them. One has outbound shotgun, one has it returning home. But then someone calls the choice!

Any ideas? Rotas break down as soon as somebody has a day off.

One thought

  1. This is a novel experience for me. I usually get every single word you say!!

    But I don’t quite understand all the dynamics …and what calling side means … I feel like I missed a vital instruction ! 🤷🏻‍♀️

    But – my experience was we just told them where to sit. They didn’t usually sit in the front.

    They increasingly didn’t like being in the boot if we had more than 5 in the car … but we fixed that by putting the ones who wanted to be together in the boot or if one wanted to be away from another then they had to go there.

    Will need more details to assist further !!!

    Having them close at uni is good !

    But I understand the gist


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