From here to publication: creating an excellent product.

So, Cadence is in business. Pre-orders have started coming in for the e-book of SOLD. And now we’re about to send Sue’s book to 3 teenage beta readers. We want to know what they think before the text is finalised. I thought this would be a big ask – we didn’t bring any of them up – but they’re all very keen to get their hands on something new.

Once Sue’s responded to their comments, we’ll give it another pass ourselves, and then send it back to her editor for copy-editing. She’ll check for spelling, punctuation, and continuity errors.

Then we’ll format the book. This involves deciding a font, making a title page that fits the cover and pretty chapter headings, and adding copyright notices, acknowledgments, and links at the back. After that, we’ll send it for proofreading.

When we finally know the full page count, we’ll be able to calculate the thickness of the spine and ask the talented designer of the e-book cover to create a paperback version.

I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Easter to those celebrating.

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