Our first book is up for pre-order. A chance to do some good.

SOLD by Sue Barrow is on pre-order (e-book at the moment, print coming). Click here for a snoop on various stores. Thanks to Jennette Slade of Jennette Designs for the beautiful cover. 

It’s a great moment for Sue, but also for Cadence. No going back now. We are publishing our first novel. 

Our tagline is ‘Adding to the Conversation with every book’. And SOLD fits our mission completely.

It’s the story of Roza, a fifteen-year-old girl trafficked from an impoverished life in Eastern Europe to the UK. Suitable for ages 13+.

It could be the first English Language novel aimed at this audience, to properly talk about child-trafficking.

Yet, everybody should be aware of the subject. Worldwide, an estimated 300,000 children are trafficked every year. It’s happening right now.

The culprits look for opportunities. And there are plenty in the chaos of the Ukraine war. In just the first 4 weeks, 500 children had been identified crossing the border alone. Some had lost their parents; some had been deliberately sent ahead. And there will have been far more wandering around inside the country.

This book is our chance to do real good. Help us spread the word in the coming months.

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