Reindeer on roses and whiskers on kittens…

Three of my favourite things that would surprise younger me…


I used to be terrified of them, even when I was one myself. But they are far less intimidating when you’ve known them as tiny babies. Just interesting.

Geeking Out

‘Geek’ used to be an insult. Now Brian Cox and Stephen Fry are revered. And people without Physics and Computer Science degrees (me) are allowed to ‘geek out’ on all sorts of things, including writing statistics and productivity advice. Even better, we can find like-minded people on the geek-invented internet.


Writing hurt my hand until I was eleven or so. Now it gives me enormous joy.

Setting up a business

This one would have startled me five years ago. Who knew what I really wanted to do in life was have a family and co-own a small press?

How about you? Would some of your favourite things surprise your younger self?

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