Canine proverbs, Riverdance, and keeping up the tension in my novel.

Eight days later, Pepper is still a walking miracle, though she’s supposed to be on bed rest. Try explaining that to a dog!

However, she should however be putting on weight with all the cheese we’re doling out to get her tablets down. And she loves cheese. Being a practical canine, she’s not interested that every cloud has a silver lining, but they do sometimes mean puddles!

Yesterday, Nick and I celebrated 20 years as a couple by seeing my nephew in Riverdance. It was incredible. It would have been without Ollie, but it was quite something to see his feet fly as fast as everybody else’s.

In case you don’t know what I’m talking about…

I’d have to look in my planner to know where the rest of the week has gone.

There’s been some frantic writing as I try to get the novel into a state it can be safely neglected over Christmas and it’s not too difficult getting back to it in January. I’ve been learning how to create and keep tension while weaving story strands together.

I noticed the problem at the 25% mark. I’ve set up my two main characters’ desires and goals by this point. These are mostly related to their individual home lives. Then they start working together. Changing the main setting released a lot of the tension I’d worked hard to create.

I couldn’t change the scenery without writing a completely different book. What did I end up doing?

First, I looked back along the timeline and emphasised the moments when they appear in each other’s home lives. Doing this made their reunion far more interesting.

Then I looked forward and made one tiny change in the plot. Fin has always been able to see what’s happening to Emma. But now this possibility occurs to her. She worries he’ll feel duty-bound to tell his best friend, the one person she wants to protect.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to remember all this after Christmas. Right now, I have a short story to work on for writing group tomorrow. I have no idea what to do about that.

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