We didn’t want our children to believe in Santa. Right or wrong?

Although our children got stockings, we always made it clear we bought the contents. We wanted them to trust us about things we did actually hold to be true, later on. However, this strategy backfired in several ways.

  1. Two of them refused to believe us.
  2. One of my sons told the local stately home santa he was a fake.
  3. Try working out what to tell little children to say in front of other children when they’re asked what Santa’s bringing them this year.
  4. As a teenager, the son who was rude to Santa is just now rude to us about our faith. ‘You tell us to be honest!’

Make of my experience what you will. I like to think I’d do the same thing again. But I’m an INFJ and like my principles even when they prove completely impractical.

What do you think? I’m prepared for (polite) controversy. But whether you celebrate Christmas or not, Happy Holidays.

PS: If you’re tired of Away in the Manger and looking for some fresh Christmas carols, my friend Heather has just released Thread of Gold on Spotify. This is my personal favourite at the moment, but they get Christmasier:

One thought

  1. Hello ! We didn’t make a big deal about Santa. We took a more indirect route but can’t quite recall how we did it !!!!

    Ditto with tooth fairies … and there’s an hilarious story about what happened when Jonathan wrote to Rebekah

    I’ve got COVID . Got positive result on Christmas Day in the evening . Not too ill so far but not sure how ill manage a week of isolation !

    Maybe we can manage a call this week ?!

    K xxx

    Kären Gray 07985 035125



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