Desks, Mr Evaristo and other difficulties with focus.

Yesterday, in the middle of a meeting, my desk fell off the wall, so I’m breaking a rule and writing this in bed. I’m trying to concentrate while my husband listens to the Today programme, so excuse me if I break off to comment.

Bernadine Evaristo and her husband have just been on. He wrote a publishable novel, letting her think he was playing video games. Something new to feel grateful for: my own spouse doesn’t have any literary awards. I have no fear of a Booker prize winner looking over my shoulder as I write. Even when I’m doing it in bed.

The Today programme became something else, I couldn’t concentrate and other things claimed my attention. But 24 hours later, I’m back at my desk. Nick and one of our sons set everything to rights again (although I still need to clear coffee off the wall!) – so quickly, I didn’t have time to take a picture of the original carnage.

I’ve found it difficult to focus on writing generally this week, even though the children were back at school. There have been so many other things to think about – like my teeth surviving the dentist – and business stuff that won’t make any sense until Rachel and I launch our company. (It’s coming, honest! We’re just waiting for our website!)

And finally, my sister (the one who can write and edit at the same time as teaching, homeschooling her own four children and moving home) got into her house yesterday. I wondered why she was only responding with emojis to my messages!

How’s everybody else getting on?

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