A pop-up bike shop and a spoilt princess of a novel.

My son has turned the kitchen and conservatory into a bike shop. Grateful he’s out of bed and not torturing his teachers online, I haven’t complained.

And the children are all back at proper school by Tuesday. I should probably be doing some laundry to prepare for the moment when they start wearing something other than pyjamas.

But I’m looking forward to the head-space. My WIP is acting like a spoilt princess at the moment. I’ve had to stop drafting to make sure events are in not just the right order but fit into a realistic timeline: people work their notice before moving jobs; take more than a couple of days to change deep-seated beliefs; and the two pregnancies last no more than nine and a half months.

However, help has been at hand. In 2021, we have central heating, running water and Aeon Timeline software. Aeon takes a while to learn, but it’s so much better than trying to move everything around in your head, or redraw things over and over on paper until they make sense. I’ve no idea how Homer and Joyce managed without it.

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