I haven’t done any work on my novel, but…

  • It turns out my passport expires in 2028. 2018 was the start date, not the expiry. I knew the form I was filling in felt familiar.
  • Our broadband company are finally going to refer us to a specialist. Currently, our connection is reminiscent of the old dial-ups (sometime between the end of the Cold War and the present day, children!) And not a very good one either.
  • I sent out my second newsletter today. This doesn’t sound like a big thing, but I feel a massive sense of achievement. Not only did I find things to say (a worry ever since I pressed send on my last one), by the time I’d finished messing about with it, images were uploaded, text was justified and everything was reasonably spaced out. Even Grammarly told me I’d done a good job. To see this work of art (and others like it) sign up for my reader’s club and get a free short story as well (a prequel to the trilogy I keep going on about).

Hope you’re having a good day too.

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