Pandemonium and mailing lists

Happy New Year everybody. Hope 2021 brings good things.

We’ve been in good going lockdown since New Year’s Eve. I did originally start this post by saying life had been uneventful in “Tier 4”. But about half an hour ago, my husband found nine dirty bowls and spoons in a pyjama drawer. When he started shouting again, it was muffled and I assumed still at our son. But he’d lost the cap to the radiator he was bleeding. Life became about staunching the water, filling and emptying mugs and pulling furniture around a limited space until we found it in one of the mugs five minutes later. (Some miracle it didn’t end down the toilet.) I’d just settled down again, when we realised the dog had escaped into the neighbour’s garden.

We did find the remote control for our TV under the furniture. We’ve been looking for that since Christmas Eve.

Onto a slightly less stressful topic, I am writing a short story to give away to people on my mailing list. It took me a surprising length of time to find the right idea. But eventually, I decided to explain what Emma, the main female character in my novels, owes her brother and why she hides so much from him.

‘Hey! Back up!’ you might say. ‘What mailing list? How come you haven’t invited me? I’d at least have liked to been asked.’

I haven’t set it up yet, but when I do, you guys will be the first to know. Bear with me as I work out the intricacies.

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