An ode to term-time and escaping literary gloom.

Oooh! I’ve changed my WordPress theme. I even like the draft page better.

I always enjoy the sanity of a new term. We’re in full lockdown and home-schooling. You might think, it wouldn’t have the usual effect. But teachers still decide what the children do all day. I don’t have to make it up like in the holidays.

The short story is coming together. It went through a very gloomy stage midweek. I know and love my own characters of course. What mother doesn’t? But writing something miserable to introduce them is like taking your toddler to a play date where they bite the host.

Anyway, I changed the point of view and it became far more interesting and upbeat. Beforehand, it read like an inditement of UK society in the 1990s. It’s now about friendship and a heroic decision, my original intention.

One of the nicest things that happened after last week’s post was finding myself with sign-ups for a mailing list before it existed. It does now here. (Thanks, Steve and Isla.)

How’s your January going?

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