The season of peace and goodwill and probably too much Georgette Heyer

For those hanging on with bated breath: the on-line Nativity was written, cast, filmed and released (privately on Youtube) on Christmas day to rave reviews.

I collapsed after lunch on the 25th and have done very little since other than read Georgette Heyer, a go-to holiday indulgence. Heyer’s romantic comedies set in Georgian England make Pride and Prejudice look dystopian. I wouldn’t admit to enjoying them if people like Margaret Drabble and Katie Fforde had not got there first.

I will get back to literary depth and meaning in the New Year.

Another joyful cultural experience: the BBC’s Being Bridget Jones, celebrating 25 years of her diaries. Lots of successful women, including Germaine Greer, admitting they’ve had ‘Bridget’ moments.

See you in the New Year. All the best for 2021.

3 Thoughts

      1. I can’t pick a definitive favourite. Every time I try to, I think “Oh, but what about…?”. Do love Frederica, though, especially Felix. He’s probably my favourite supporting character.

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