Advent 3: Rattling Out a Synopsis/ Wise men finally get to Bethlehem.

Hello. It might flatter you to know I jumped out of bed to write this post at 5am. No idea what I’m going to say, but I do enjoy saying it and knowing you’re reading.

The novel that shouldn’t be yet is going a pace. Yesterday, I rattled out a synopsis in a couple of hours and was happy to show it to editor Gary and my beta readers.

If you’ve never tried to write a novel synopsis, this won’t impress you. If someone can pull 80,000 words out of their head, what’s the problem with a page or two? But I tried for twelve years to write my first. I ‘pantsed’ the novel that summarised, putting in scenes in random order as they came to me. This time, I hopped aboard the Save the Cat Writes A Novel bandwagon and started with a structure and outline.

The children are now home for the Christmas holidays. As for the zoom nativity, they have a full script and casting ideas. My wonderful sister Tavy (who deserves me pointing out that she is much younger than me. Also mother to a five-month-old who seems to get Facetime) has taken on responsibility for making sure it happens. I am so relieved. All that creativity. So little organisation.

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