Advent 2: Have I magically become good at fast drafting? Certainly I’m no better at multi-tasking.

You know that novel that was brewing? The plan was to outline it so I could get going with a first draft in the New Year. A week later, the outline is finished and I’ve written 9,000 words. That hasn’t happened before. Getting into a novel is usually much harder. Of course, I’m hoping I’ve suddenly mastered the process. More likely, it’s because it’s a prequel to my other novels; I’m already fond of my main characters, and fleshing out ‘history’ I already know.

It is a very rough draft. There are many scenes of pure dialogue, little description and some very bad grammar. I’m expecting to slow down as I work towards the middle, but I’m still excited. It’s like having a baby you thought was just wind.

Anyway, 2 and a half days until the Christmas holidays. Probably time to switch gears and think mainly about that. Yesterday, thinking about how to break into Act 2, I drove my youngest child to his older sibling’s school. They are in entirely different directions. I asked him why he’d not pointed this out, but he’d assumed I was taking an interesting new route.

Final thought at the end of the second week of Advent: I have switched candles. Now working along to a the scent of mulled wine. I like it, but when I complained about the smell in my teenage son’s bedroom, he said the one in my study was worse.

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