Advent week 2: nativity perfection and plans for a new novel.

I’ve just had to negotiate to get my computer back from my children. The younger two are writing a nativity play to be performed remotely by cousins in several households and spliced together for viewing. Actually, it’s two plays — my daughter is creating a back-up in case my son doesn’t finish the original in time. As with all creatives, his imagination and perfectionism often get in the way of a final piece. He’s like this with his homework projects.

But they’re not watching TV, possibly a first this autumn.

I am now half way through tidying up the novel I edited during National Novel Writing Month. Then I swap WIPs with my critique partners. Actually, Justine’s is already sitting in my inbox waiting for me. (Justine is my sister who wrote 50K words from scratch with four much younger children, a full-time teaching job and in the middle of a house move!) I still need a title for mine. If I didn’t need to consider Amazon key words and thumbnails, I’d call it Things That Shouldn’t Matter. Having thrown out Sleeping Lions as too obscure, and Sleeping Partners as too chick lit, I’ve now saved it as Sleeping Whatevers.

And I feel a new novel brewing. A prequel to the two I’ve already written. I seem to be writing this series backwards. The novel at a fun stage, where I haven’t written anything yet. As Iris Murdoch says, every book is the wreck of a perfectly good idea. I’m hoping to start wrecking this one in the New Year.

How is your December going?

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