Nanowrimo Week 1: I probably can’t afford literary abandon.

I’m trying to find excuses for the organisational disaster this week feels that don’t involve writing and National novel writing month.

National Novel Writing Month shouldn’t cause me too many problems. I’m editing rather than drafting, measuring time spent, and aiming for 50 hours this month instead of 50,000 words. It doesn’t sound like very much time when you put it like that. In theory, as much as I usually give to writing.

So what else can I blame? Let me examine this week forensically:


We went into lockdown on Thursday, but had 5 days notice. This didn’t help my mental clarity. Not because I was worrying about the state of the world, but more selfishly, about getting the big week’s shop in and how I’d convince the children they really wanted bran flakes instead of their usual cereal. All unnecessary. I procrastinated and ended up at ASDA on Saturday afternoon when the queues should have been at their height. I got straight in and out within an hour, with everything on my list.

The end of Daylight Savings

Sunset has been moved forward an hour and so the dog needs a walk during the school day. With my husband working from home, I had been able to leave it until afterwards. And I’m sleepier now. I had been waking up naturally at 6 or 6.30 to get an hour of writing in before school, but that’s not happened this week. I’m going to have to set an alarm.

My cleaner was in hospital

Obviously it was a much bigger deal for her. (She’s out now, thank goodness!) Not having a cleaner for a couple of weeks, a big house and lots of children are all First World problems, but we usually work together, talking, so I hardly notice the time. Her hours tell me when I should stop thinking about writing and turn to the real world, rather than leaving it to my increasingly confused conscience.

My daughter’s birthday

Another high class problem. We managed a socially distanced birthday party at the amazing Joy Cafe before lockdown. One of the volunteers even made her an Oreo cake. Nick and I sat on another table watching the chaos with hessian bags and fabric paint (our idea – word to the wise – don’t!) from across the room. But it meant no writing that day and playing catch up afterwards.

So I should be more organised this week. Here’s hoping. Writers, how’s your Nano been? Everyone else, are you enjoying being out of it?

2 Thoughts

  1. I think you short stop writing fiction and write the funniest autobiography ever ! Your down to earth style and natural honesty will make parents the world over feel better about their lives !

    Just write a chapter a day from your real experience .
    Book finished by end of November .
    Best seller by Christmas .
    Fame & Fortune in 2021!


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