Nanowrimo Week 2: Consistency gets results and backache.

I thought I wrote more than this every day outside National Novel Writing Month. Clearly not. Because now I have backache. I’m typing this in my kitchen, standing up, my computer set on top of the large box with my Christmas cake inside.

But it’s working. I need to be doing something other than staring at the page or I’ll have to stop the clock. So, I put my first thought down. Rarely the right idea, but often the one that leads to me saying, “Well, that’s boring (or makes no sense). This would work better.”

This isn’t my first full Nanowrimo. I thought I’d won it several times, but according to the official site, it’s only once. But I was proud of myself when I hit the day ten slump. I knew from experience to expect a breakthrough if I pushed through.

I’d chopped 13,000 words from my book. I worried it now had a logical plot but miniscule meaning. Day 12, a big story arc fell into place, clarifying my central conflict. After that, I took the dog for a very smug walk in the autumn sunshine.

Consistency is key. What have you learnt?

2 Thoughts

  1. Getting out for a run is a great way to get the blood flowing to the brain. I often use it as a way to clarify and structure thoughts before typing them up.


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