Facebook and me: a cautious reconciliation

As a mum of young children, Facebook felt like a lifeline to the outside world. I loved the sense of community (at its best on snow days). And having daily glimpses into far flung friends’ lives. But there were large chunks of it I didn’t enjoy.

I found my feed cluttered with news and politics when I was there to have fun. It was far too easy to find yourself in the middle of a fight. And I couldn’t comment on one post without feeling I had to do equal justice to everybody else.

I took a few weeks’ break that turned into years, only using it for messenger or when I really had to. So the idea of appearing out of the blue on my personal profile to sell books really jarred. I want to turn readers into friends, not the other way round.

Using my author page.

And then I realised, I already had set up the solution – an author page (Like me and make me feel popular!) My friends can stay just that, without having to become experts on my writing journey and publishing discoveries.

Joining groups.

But how would I meet other writers and publishers on-line? The answer now seems obvious but hadn’t occurred to me until I read Joanna Penn’s How to Market a Book: join groups (put ‘writers’ in the search bar and see what happens) and get involved. A week in to this new connected life, I’ve joined 3 new groups and already found a couple of similar authors and new on-line events.

Next steps?

Work out how to schedule posts using something like Hootsuite. As I say, baby steps.

Does anybody else struggle with social media? Do you have any good tips?

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