Productivity 101: how to keep writing when you’re stuck.

I am addicted to watching other people’s writing journeys on Youtube. These are the lessons I discovered about productivity while I was procrastinating:

Productive writers don’t panic when they’re stuck.

They see it as normal. They push aside negative thoughts. You know the ones: ‘maybe this is the obstacle I can’t get past’; ‘I’m an awful writer- at least the world will now be spared my words’; ‘what made me think I could do this,’ and my personal favourite ‘I knew it, I shouldn’t have wasted my time all these years. I should have done more housework.’ They create a plan.

They break things down into manageable parts.

If those parts suddenly become unwieldy, they break them down again.

This plan is personalised.

It might involve mind maps, dog walks, putting a scene onto index cards, freewriting, but…

They keep moving forward.

They see any progress as good. They don’t obsess about speed or prose. If they can’t get something right this time, they plan another draft.

What have been your biggest breakthroughs in writer productivity?

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