A type A personality has a wedding anniversary

A surprising number of my friends were married in their early or mid twenties. Until now, I’ve felt a little remedial in comparison. Most of them are coming up to two decades, whereas we’ve only just hit thirteen years.  It’s only just occurred to me that my wedding anniversary today is a celebration of the last year of marriage and not a milestone of achievement.

I don’t want to wish the years away. That’d be wishing our children away from home, and less life ahead of us.

Nick has his faults (just ask a man’s in-laws for a complete compendium) but I don’t need a day to remind me I’ve got it good. It’s a miraculous match. I would make anyone else quite miserable, and I like to think I am a saint putting up with his puns. The thing I value most- after essential stuff like similar beliefs and not beating me up? He’s always making fun of himself.

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