In which I try to be calm and professional

My first feature article has been published in the March issue of Writing Magazine. They’ve transformed the eight-page word document I sent them, into a glossy two page spread with pictures, links and a better title. (Pages 12 and 13- “Pace Yourself!”)

It was a lovely surprise for a cold Wednesday morning. I’d not expected the issue to come out for another week. I found out looking at my emails during toddler group. Friends, Gary and Anita had taken photos of the front cover, my article and my author biography and tagged me on Facebook. It was particularly lovely of them to get excited as Gary has seen his words in every issue for the last 16 years.

When I got home, my copy had arrived too. The relief, reading it for the first time in months and realising it was better than I remembered.

I didn’t win X factor, or find a cure for a terrible disease, but people have been so pleased for me. In a very good way, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed.

Anita's WM photo




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