Half-term: to yell or not to yell, that is the problem.

It’s been half term this week. I only have my second-born’s word for it that he’s been revising for his mock exams. On Tuesday, I found him head under the covers. “I’m focussing,” he said, “thinking things through.”

What am I supposed to do, here? He’s fifteen. Yell or tell yourself this is his problem? I’m still not sure.

There has been very little activity generally around here (other than all that focussing).

My children’s inertia isn’t all down to bad parenting. A lot of the problem is inherited. Somehow, my mother made me get dressed in the morning. But I spent most of my teenage years in my room. I only read because we didn’t have the internet.

And we had an amber weather alert the first few days of the week. The trampoline park, my usual holiday go to was closed due to storm damage.

However, yesterday, I booked the half-term mega-deal Laser Quest. It had an almost miraculous effect: four children up, dressed and out of the house by 10am. Five games, lunch and unlimited drinks for £18 each. Not sure about their business model, but I’m making no complaints.

None of the parents were expected to stay. If you’re a parent, you’ll understand the excitement, as I was suddenly able to infiltrate bedrooms to collect crockery and dirty washing.

And on the back of that success, I finally thought of bribery for the revision issue (worked for everyone’s toilet-training, hopefully will work now). One mini-doughnut for every twenty minutes son studies. Well it’s English Language on Monday. Teeth seem less important than grades.

PS. For those following: wrote whenever felt inadequate as a parent, so coming up to three-quarters of the way through draft 5.


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