Wind days, hospital marketing, and a novelist’s ode to post-it notes.

We have ‘snow days’ in Britain, but for the first time, the children are off school because of the wind. Unfortunately for them, COVID means teachers have wised up about the possibilities of online learning, and they still have work to do.

I spent 9 hours in Accident and Emergency yesterday with my son. Waiting to be seen was a bit bleak – a tiny waiting room, with lots of sick-looking people. Son, however, was very impressed with the paediatric area, and far more enthusiastic than I’m used to. ‘A very hospitable place’. Certainly, he got a lot of food (mainly bought by me), one of his main concerns in life.

An internet company had given the hospital free packs of cards. After many games of snap and slam, I found myself wondering if they were any better than our own internet provider. Some marketing genius to make advertising to a captive audience look like philanthropy.

Despite the trip to A and E, I did more writing than I was expecting this week. I use the Pomodoro method quite a bit, but until now I’ve structured sessions myself. This week, I let Abbie Emmons do it for me. It has made loads of difference. (Something to do with lack of distraction and ‘flow’.) I am now 60% of the way through the draft and bits that weren’t working very well before are a lot better now. If you’re a writer, try it out.

I am currently using post-it notes as if I have my own sustainable forest in the back garden. They’re brilliant for rearranging scenes in a novel with multiple points of view (different colour for each character). And the trial of a post-it note kanban board has been ridiculously successful, so I’ve reset it for the next seven weeks. I will have to find an alternative hobby to re-writing to-do lists.

How’s your week going?

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