Life-novel balance and other fictional concepts.

I have never managed the work-life balance thing. Complicated Christmas holidays, a deadline for one of our authors, the need to catch up with my own work after that, and the rest of life feels thoroughly off-kilter.

I edited 25% of a draft this week – the easier first bit, but still! It’s high time I published the first novel in my trilogy. I’ve been working on the books for fifteen years now. And yes, I’ve learnt a lot of craft in that time. However, it would be nice to have something to show for it.

But I’m missing people. My husband and I have met in front of (good) TV. I’ve talked to my children in the car and shouted at them to do their chores. I smiled at other dog walkers and arranged a tumble drier repair. I don’t remember any other meaningful social contact since last weekend. Apologies if you were it and I’ve forgotten.

In lieu of actual interaction, I’ve watched a lot of Youtube. My favourite find this week: Ellie Dashwood geeking out on the history behind Jane Austen. If you appreciate the pseudonym, you’ll probably enjoy it too.

New plan for the coming week: Try limiting the deep work to 2 hours each day. And schedule in friends and exercise.

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