A requiem to mince pies and a to-do list for my novel.

Almost back into routine. Phew.

Sort of.

There is something nice about the holidays after Christmas: most of the benefits (pretty lights, mince pies, and hot chocolate, time with family) with far less demand on my culinary prowess. The great John Finniemore sums it up in the festive classic The 27th of December.

Anyway, my in-laws left yesterday and the children have been home-schooling before going back properly next week (hopefully). I still can’t get in their rooms to hoover, but I have been able to ditch the worry about them being on their screens too much. It’s the school’s fault now, not mine.

And I’ve managed to read through my novel and make notes. I now have a list of to-dos for my fifth draft.

This book is over a year old now. The temptation is to give up at this point, but I know from experience, this is the time to push through. And breaking down the whole into individual tasks makes the process seem a lot less daunting.

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