Good week. I think.

My youngest has forgotten how to print out his homework, so have had daily emails threatening detentions. On the plus side, he’s now allowed to use a computer for lessons like his older brother. It’s difficult to tell if he’s finding it better. I do know he’s excited about being able to see the time without looking round for the clock!

I wrote my first press release for Michael House in twenty months. It’s not that homeless hostels haven’t needed PR for that time, but COVID meant I couldn’t go in. I’ve missed the creative positivity of that place.

The charity put the money they got from theBigGive last year towards a second move-on flat. This week, their first tenant moved in. He now has qualifications, a job and is on his way to getting a landlord’s reference for his next place. Next week, they’re participating in theBigGive Christmas Challenge.

Editing revelation this week: my male protagonist’s story needed to start earlier. But I’m well on the way to sorting this out. It seems to have solved all sorts of niggles. And (I hope) I have a killer first paragraph.

Have just driven my husband to the station (in my pyjamas- hoping I didn’t have an accident, break down, or get arrested and end up in a police cell like that). He’s going into London to watch a Rugby match. It’s a Saturday, he’s left the children, but there’s no resentment from me. It is wet and very windy. Even he was muttering about going to Decathlon for some long johns.

The rest of us have a Christmas quiz at church tonight. There are only two of us with GCSEs on the team, but the children are already talking of what they’ll do with the prize money.

So, there you are. An update. You escaped a deeper post about social media. I’m telling you this a. to elicit your gratitude, and b. because I want you to know I have deep thoughts sometimes.

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