As the Sparks Fly Upwards

Last night, I went to a book launch. This is the sort of thing I’m supposed to do now as a publishing magnate, but a. COVID’s got in the way of real-life events, and b. it wasn’t for one of our novels, but a friend’s.

It was a wonderful night and would have been so without any personal connection to Steve Cox. It was at L’Arte cafe near the university. Standing room only with quite a group outside. (People probably didn’t bring their new puppies to Ian McEwan’s last launch, but COVID’s changed everything.)

It was one thing to see the cover design or read the odd chapter before the launch. Another thing to see Steve Cox flanked by copies of the book on one side and his own banner on the other. The culmination of all those years of meticulous research and writing.

I have my signed copy of As the Sparks Fly Upwards here, ready to read. If you like historical fiction check it out (UK link) (US link). It follows the fortunes of Tom Tyler, a young soldier who’s loses everything in the English Civil War (1642-51).

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