Less nagging, more creative space.

I’m sitting in Starbucks. This feels like a distinct lack of solidarity as poor Rachel, business and writing partner with whom I used to come here, is self-isolating.

But I needed to get out. My brain is cluttered with the things I know I could be getting done at home and the vague sense of others I can’t remember.

I dream of finding a system that clears my mind for creative thinking. Routines for everything that even my children can’t help but follow. A good chunk of my brain activity is currently taken up prompting good hygiene.

Anyway, enough of my whingeing. I’m not really as grumpy as I sound.

I have got 3/8ths of the way through the second draft of my novel. The last bit has felt very slow, but the work I’ve done to get this far – developing characters and story lines – will hopefully speed my progress with the rest. I know from experience, that I’ll be grateful I’ve taken my time get basics right now, come the third draft.

I’m writing this early as I’m going up north to see family next week. Really looking forward to it. Like many people, I don’t think I’ve seen my parents in real life since last Christmas.

PS Burglars, I’m leaving a dog, husband and three of my children behind (one of whom is over 6 foot now).

PPS. If you haven’t seen my posts on social media, ‘Responsible Adult’ is part of a Bookfunnel promotion focussing on literary women’s fiction. A choice of 30 free short stories and novellas. I’m hoping to read the ones I’ve downloaded while I’m away, and have good intentions of recommending the ones I like on social media.

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