Winchester, new experiences and playing mother-in-law to a character I don’t like.

I remember my dream from last night, which doesn’t happen much. Do other people feel the need to match the dredgings of their subconscious with the events/ television of the previous few days? So far, I’ve identified recent exam stress (my own- I could have done with two of my children being slightly more concerned), an episode of Motherland, and Andy Murray’s defeat at Wimbledon.

My husband and I went to Winchester Cathedral yesterday, but it didn’t get a look-in.

If you’re from the future, we’re in the midst of a pandemic. On our way there, we competed on who’d travelled least in the last year. “Except for going to London with work…” Nick began. I won with a sentence that started, “except for taking the children to the trampoline park…”

We paid to go inside the cathedral as a special treat. We both like history. So it was fun fitting new information with the stuff we’d already picked up from BBC documentaries. And Hilary Mantel novels.

Bournemouth’s a great place to live, and being stuck here for months is a First World problem. But it was wonderful being elsewhere. As we walked through different gardens, past other cafes, and decided new attractions were too expensive, I worked out the latest problem with my novel.

One of my characters is heading towards a painful break-up. But I can’t see why he’d be upset for more than a week over this particular woman. At the moment, her good qualities are confined to smelling nice and looking good in a camel coat. She must have more somewhere. I’ll have to have a better look.

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