My husband’s perfectionism, a COVID test and short story cover reveal.

This week has been so complex, I don’t know where to start.

Home stuff first: It turned out the black cod was part of a five-course Japanese anniversary meal. If my husband decides to do something, he’s going to do it properly. With a full appraisal afterwards. I’m surprised I wasn’t asked for a written review. He was scrolling through restaurant menus to show me what the dishes should have looked like. I couldn’t see the difference and thought everything tasted delicious anyway, but I was comparing it with my own cooking.

By Tuesday morning, I was coughing and had to organise a COVID test. It was quite an education seeing amazing beside manners on the other side of a car window. We’re in a childcare bubble with a family where both parents still work outside the home, and the thought of keeping them at home for two weeks made me feel far worse than I normally do with a cough.

Anyway, it was negative, which as a hypochondriac threw me. Thursday, I was feeling much better, the sun was shining by eight o’clock, and then…telling the rest would almost certainly breech one of my children’s privacy. Three problems that would normally throw me for six in their own right appeared overnight. But the school were amazing and everything is either sorted or on its way.

Writing: The novelette is a short story again, but it’s almost ready to send out to my mailing list. This week, between COVID tests, I have been learning about formatting templates, creating MOBI and EPUB files and enough graphic design not to embarrass myself with the cover. You can see what Rachel means, though. The picture does look a little like a plate.

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