Dark Milk, Graphic Design Fails and Black Cod.

It’s Friday afternoon, everybody’s working in their own room, my novelette is finally with my beta readers and the Wi-Fi is holding up. I can get on writing this. Oh, and I have some Cadbury’s Dark Milk to hand. Wonderful stuff that really helps keep up the spirits in lockdown.

PS Cadbury’s, I’d be happy to be sponsored to say that for the right amount of chocolate.

I had fun tinkering with Canva this week, trying to create a cover and Facebook ad for my novelette. I was going to post it here and ask what you thought, but the feedback I’ve had so far has put me off. My critique partner thought the face of a little girl on my cover was a plate.

But Rachel and I have to get on. We are officially Up To Something that we hope to announce in the next few weeks. Watch this space.

It’s my wedding anniversary on Monday. My husband has decided this needs to be celebrated with black cod, something caught in the arctic and apparently difficult to source. Nick finally managed. It arrived on the doorstep yesterday and is in the fridge. Must make sure I don’t muddle it up with the haddock.

Have a good weekend!

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