Geeky, but grateful

I’m in a grateful mood today. Grateful I could find a parking spot near enough the library, for the sunshine, and for Scrivener. I’ll have lost most people with the last one. It’s writing software worth far more than the £14 I paid for it (half-price).

Today, I found myself in the library, with no internet and an article to shape. Scrivener, which I bought to write my novel, also works brilliantly for articles. Imagine a cork board with index cards that each refer to a paragraph/ scene/  chapter- you decide. The program allows you to move cards and therefore text around, and has many other features that make it invaluable for those like me who can’t hold everything in their head at one time. Of course, I won’t have persuaded you with that. It’s one of those things that people have to try to find out what all the fuss is about.

Anyway, it allowed me to condense all my notes into something approaching the 1,500 word piece needed.

My other breakthrough today was finding a new cafe. Only new to me, as I tend to gravitate towards places with sofas run by giant corporations. It’s been there under the library since we moved here. But I felt rewarded for my fearless exit from my decaffeinated comfort zone with air and space, and some really nice coffee. I think there was a freelancer’s session in one corner, but I was too shy to ask.





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