The week that was.

Last week felt like a washout, but it was just a lot of work for little immediate result. I was working on several pitches from scratch, and my ideas all needed research just to see if they were even viable. Some obviously weren’t. I’ve decided not to write about Thomas Hardy’s first marriage because Hardy and his two wives burnt much of the evidence about what exactly went on. I sympathise. Unexciting as it is, I wouldn’t want someone like me pouring over my private life in a century’s time.

One of my other ideas is still just a word in an Excel file- “goats”. Tell me you’re not intrigued!

I might have said this before, but I find matching an idea with a market the difficult part of the process. Sometimes it’s easier to read through a magazine, and see whether I can think of anything to particularly suit their readership. Other times, no matter how much I’m in love with my own idea, I know the chances of placing it are minimal.

After six weeks, my inter-library loan came through. It proved almost useless. Then, within a couple of hours I’d found the information I wanted in the local library’s on-line archive. I sent off the article and it was officially accepted the next day.

And by the end of last week, I’d decided to make a topical pitch to a broadsheet. I’m not expecting an acceptance, but the mere possibility made it worth the effort of spending hours on Saturday researching and writing the full article. I’ve the satisfaction now, of knowing I gave the opportunity my best.

It’s all a lot more fun than laundry. But that reminds me!








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