About blogging

People told me I’d enjoy blogging. I really should have started a long time ago, but there were several things putting me off.

One was the idea anything I wrote would be out there, for people to find forever. (Please someone,  tell me it’s not true Facebook can read the comments you’ve deleted before posting!) But I really shouldn’t have worried. My husband performed a google search the other day, using my name, ‘blog’ and ‘writing badly’, and he couldn’t find me on any page. Next on my to-do list is sorting out my SEO.

The other main deterrent was the idea I’d need to expose my deepest self to be authentic. But I now realise, I can share thoughts I might speak aloud at the school gate (if it wouldn’t further my reputation for being a bit intense).

Thank you for reading this, because it makes the fun I’m having feel worthwhile.



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