Strange, but professional behaviour. And a break.

Novelists are known for their strange behaviour. My search history is nowhere near as bad as that of a crime writer, but I do have a bad habit of staring at people in cafes or on the street until I’ve worked out how to describe them. What one feature makes them look like that? The best place to do this is somewhere a. nobody knows you, and b. that you’ve no intention of returning.

So, not a good idea to do it at the leisure centre where I come every week. I should be concentrating writing this instead. As it’s published, my son and I will be heading up north to the Lake District. (Note to burglars, everybody else will be left behind to finish the school term!)

As I’ve visited the same place for 35 years, and meet my parents and siblings there, it feels like a very beautiful home.

And I am thoroughly ready for a break. A week of being unavailable for peace-keeping, or finding missing bits of uniform.

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