5 good things

  1. Son probably doesn’t have a brain tumour, although he’s being sent for an MRI scan to check. (The doctor was most concerned when I said he’s been a lot nicer in the last 18 months.)
  2. Flagging, I went back and read the last third of draft 5. This was a good psychological move. I realised a. the story and relationships are pretty much there, and b. I’m ten pages away from the end. But I’m going to put it away for a few weeks, so I can read the whole thing with fresh eyes. I’m quite excited about thinking about something else, even if it’s only getting my washing under control.
  3. Talking of which, we might have a tumble drier next week.
  4. I have set up a new group on Facebook, Sophie’s Place On-line. I’m finding it much more interactive than my page – like inviting people to a party where they might meet other interesting people rather than asking them to watch your one-woman show. Everyone’s welcome.
  5. “Mock” exams are over for the two oldest. Trying to get the two youngest to see the point of revision now.

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