A third of the way through school holidays; 75% of the way through my draft.

Two weeks of the school holiday down. I like my children (love them, actually), but now lockdown’s lifted, I find the opportunities for parenting overwhelming.

A perfect mother would manage the following:

  1. Interest one son in something other than Radio 4 Comedy.
  2. Encourage him to enjoy being with other human beings.
  3. Inspire another teenager with big exams next year, to improve his skills in English. Persuade him not to settle for being able to read and write.
  4. Give children unforgettable memories of getting out together, even though they’d all choose to be doing their own thing at home on their screens.
  5. Convince the sceptics to practice hygiene, particularly now they’re in contact with other people.

And that’s before feeding them nutritious, but – somehow despite this – tasty food three times a day. Thank goodness for grace.

The second draft of my novel is going surprisingly well. It’s not hard to find time to write before pre-teens and teenagers wake up. Early this week, I calculated I’d get to my ‘all is lost’ moment (75% through) before the end of August. By Thursday, I was there three weeks early. The dream now is I finish the whole thing by the beginning of term.

The first draft was about getting something down. The second, story and characterisation. The next one will focus on prose. 

This is usually my favourite part. The story’s pinned down. I stop worrying I’m wasting time on something that isn’t going to work. So I can tweak sentences to my heart’s content.

4 Thoughts

  1. Woop woop. 75% means you’re on home stretch. Pretty soon you’ll have an entire completed manuscript. Wishing you all the best and great on you for doing this even though you have such a busy life!


  2. Wow Sophie, 75% through is brilliant! Well done! Enjoy the final stage and hope you manage to complete it before start of new term 😁


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