Guessing the murderer and timeline overwhelm.

Give me a few episodes of a crime drama and I have a ninety, ninety-five percent chance of guessing the perpetrator from then on. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with my brilliance and everything to do with being a writer – understanding what goes into making a story and knowing people tend to stick to tropes. In the BBC’s Death in Paradise, the murderer is usually the person standing next to the detective when the shot everybody heard was fired. He or she will have killed the victim earlier.

We’re late to the party with Line of Duty. We wouldn’t have made it at all, if I’d not fallen asleep to the Great British Sewing Bee and woken up half way through the first episode.

My experience as a writer helps me very little in this case. It’s about AC12 – a police anti-corruption team. I’m still guessing which policeman/woman is bad, who’s good and who’s redeemable way into the four series. It looks like there’s one bad girl doing a cover-up job, but Jed Mercurio has taught me to expect nothing to be that simple.

Rachel, my business partner did the work I’d assumed would keep me busy this week, last one. So, half-term has been about getting the children out, enjoying the sunshine and getting the timings right for my own novel.

There are no eleven-month pregnancies; nobody’s rushed through recruitment procedures or treatments just because they’re my character. But looking at my story in overview is always a overwhelming. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. But so many bites!

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