10 useful things I learnt from our company’s virtual launch.

Practical social media stuff:

  1. If there’s enough interest in a set of posts in the morning, people will see it for a lot longer than that. We thought our launch was all about the two hours of quizzes and reveals, but people are still seeing our posts a week later.
  2. A couple of shares and everybody starts to notice something that could otherwise have six or seven views on your business page.
  3. Scheduling and boosting posts is not for wimps. Don’t try to do the two at the same time, especially if exact timing is important.
  4. Create a lot of content, because you can never tell what people will enjoy most. I thought they’d enjoy this, but our picture quiz got far more interest.


  1. What looks good on a laptop doesn’t necessarily translate on an android. 80% of your traffic is from phones. I think we eventually got it right.
  2. Tying a website to a domain, even if you’ve been paying for both for the best part of a year, can take up to 72 hours. (We thought we were being organised doing it the night before!)

Touchy-feely stuff

  1. Rachel and I thought it would be good to be in the same room during the launch. It was essential. She’s far more practical than me and calm in a scheduling crisis. We’re a good team.
  2. I really care what people think. But I care more that Cadence Publishing is a success.
  3. However uncomfortable it is outside of your comfort zone, it’s worth climbing out of it to do something you believe in. People know about us now. They’re interested, encouraging and have been keen to offer help.
  4. Our friends and family are even more supportive than we knew.
Rachel and I setting the party in motion. Exciting times!

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