Writing a first draft- the ultimate confidence trick.

Please God, this is the last school holiday in lockdown. The children have watched far too much TV because I’ve had a cold and couldn’t think of many satisfactory ways to finish the sentence “Turn it off and…”

I have written the best part of 10k words in the last week. Another five and I’ll have reached the fifty I set myself for this iteration. The goal is entirely arbitrary. Hopefully, the end product will be a more satisfactory length, but first drafts make me nervous. I want to be on my second as soon as I can. While 49k is still a novella. 50k is just about a novel. I agree with Zadie Smith:

It’s such a confidence trick, writing a novel. The main person you have to trick into confidence is yourself. – Zadie Smith.

(Image of Margaret Drabble from the Guardian)

2 Thoughts

  1. Woop woop, you’re almost there! Go you 🙂

    Oftentimes we slog through the first draft, not knowing where the finish line is, but you’re near now. Here’s to typing the words ‘The End’ in your manuscript in the near future!

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