First week of term is over. For all my worries, my eldest has found his way home from secondary school, done his first piece of homework without fuss and not yet lost his tie. The other children like their new teachers and Stikins have done for labelling uniforms what Henry Ford did for car manufacture.

Meanwhile, with the sudden return of state-sponsored childcare, I’ve finished some research, drafted a feature and emailed some more pitches. For me, it’s still a wonder this is now my job. It’s exactly what I wanted to do, but I didn’t realise it was possible.

As to the photo I said I’d take each day, I’ve done it, honest, even if some of them were copying newspaper articles I needed for my next piece. The candle above is probably my artiest shot, taken at my cousin’s wedding the weekend before last. I’m trying.

And this is Bath, just because it’s pretty!


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