True Lies

My second article for Writing Magazine is published today in their August issue. ‘True Lies’ is about the difference between reality and realism. I rant about/ discuss equating misery with high art and speak in praise of the well written, yet domestic. And I reveal far too much about my own psyche, defending  happy endings.

Richard Curtis put it well. “If you write a story about a soldier going AWOL and kidnapping a pregnant woman and finally shooting her in the head, it’s called searingly realistic, even though it’s never happened in the history of mankind. Whereas if you write about two people falling in love, which happens about a million times a day all over the world, for some reason or another, you’re accused of writing something unrealistic and sentimental.”

The magazine is packed with plenty of stuff other than my opinions. I’m a subscriber and I’m finding it particularly helpful at the moment, not just for writing and business tips, but ideas and news of new markets

writing magazine cover 2nd article





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