Gone to ground

I don’t mean to lie low. I’m just not very good at multitasking and I’ve had a few projects on the go at once. This is a very good thing for me, of course, but not for anyone hoping I’ll achieve other things, like housework or human interaction.

A few thoughts about time management (mine in particular):

-Writing, even when it’s too enjoyable to feel like work, is tiring. By school pick up I’m exhausted.

-I always overestimate how much I can do in a day.

-I yearn for a perfect balance between writing and domesticity, where the thought someone might pop round unannounced is a pleasure, not a deep-seated worry.

-I might be too disorganised to keep up with all the people I like. Maybe extraverts just have better executive functioning.

-I need a PA. Or a full-time housekeeperĀ  Somebody like my friend Shaan, who used to organise me for free when we were at school.

Any ideas?








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