‘Ideas into Words’

Today, I went to the library to request an inter-library loan. “Have you looked, on our system?” asked the librarian. “It’s a book about a hospital in Glasgow,” I said. Watching her search the UK for this out-of-print book gave me the same world-expanding feeling I get looking down a train line.

Elise Hancock started it. As with Hilary Rettig’s Seven Secrets of the Prolific, you can tell I’m enjoying  Ideas into Words, because I’ve not yet finished. I read half a chapter, but then find myself inspired and looking things up on google.

Beth Skwarecki mentioned the book on Lifehacker. I bought it immediately, mainly out of obligation. Having worked as a doctor, medical research should be my greatest expertise. (Actually it’s stacking the dishwasher, but the market is probably overloaded with experts in that.)

It’s hard to decide whether I loved or hated Medicine. Loved the people side, problem-solving and black humour. I didn’t realise exactly how stressed I was until I left- no idea why! And I know I wasn’t fascinated as I should have been with the one-off unusual cases or the science with no immediate application.

But I did want to go into research- epidemiology- the study of populations, specifically pregnant women and young children. One of my half-chapter revelations was I could write about these stories (like the Zika virus). And the history behind great discoveries and pioneering work. The stuff I’m most interested in.

Today’s story ends with me thinking my computer had been stolen. I was sure I’d put it into my laptop bag before setting off for the library. Later having stressed at everyone I could think of, short of the police, I found it at home- under the sofa. 20160302_134303 (1)



One thought

  1. “Have you looked, on our system?” … “No. I just thought I’d make work for you so that it keeps you in a job with all the cutbacks going on in local authorities.” 😉


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