Somewhere to start

Re-wiring is going well. Apparently we have 1.8km of new cable in our house. Having agreed with the electricians I’d stay out today, I worked in the library. My husband’s office is over the road and he promised me lunch.

Who developed the concept of libraries as quiet, free places to work? I hope they were properly recognised in their lifetime. It was so good to have somewhere away from wire, out-of-place furniture and lego to think. And I learned something about my process- nothing revolutionary or special- my big stumbling block to inspiration is starting.

Exhausted, and having had little time without children or house issues over the last two weeks, I’d begun to worry about coming up with new ideas. But I had one workable pitch I’d not yet sent off. It gave me somewhere to start. I could then think of an internet search strategy to generate ideas. I finished the session with ten. Some of them may well seem a little silly tomorrow, but it doesn’t matter. I have somewhere to go.




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