In the habit

It’s exactly the middle of January, and I’m trying to be glad I set myself weekly goals fifteen days ago. I always meant to be reasonable with myself. I never expected I’d manage a ‘selfish writing’ slot everyday, or perfectly scheduled blog posts. I’m tired and I edited my synopsis today (again!) That’s writing of sorts, but not the drafting to which I committed myself.

I’m interested- when do reasons become excuses? When does being kind to yourself become lack of discipline? I’m not beating myself up about it, but I’m aware of the momentum I’ve built up since New Year and don’t want to lose it.

As I have with running. A year ago, I was going out three times a week- Tuesday, Thursday and parkrun on Saturday. It didn’t feel quite right if I missed one of these… until I suffered a hamstring injury. By the time it was sorted out five months later, I’d lost speed, but more importantly I’d lost momentum. I didn’t need to go out, and to be honest I didn’t want to. (Thank goodness for parkrun where all I have to do is turn up.) I don’t want the equivalent to happen with my writing.

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