Being read

Yesterday, I saw a long facebook status titled 18 things mums hate about school. It was funny and every point resonated with me. No surprise it had been shared over 6000 times by then. Once I’d shared it myself, I could see the author’s bemused reaction to its popularity in the comments underneath. She’s right- she really should check her privacy settings!

To be honest, my first reaction was, how can I expect to be published in print magazines, when this is the quality of a facebook post? My second, less self-centred one was, what a pity she’d posted it on social media first. It would have made a great article and she’d have received full credit and a fee.

But it made me think about the way the internet makes “authors” of so many of us. Those two line statuses we edit several times because we’ve several hundred facebook friends who will have an opinion on them, however fleeting.

I would love to help support our family through writing, but more than that, I want to interact with people through words. For a while, along with my mate, Sam, I provided the run reports for my local parkrun. It’s a free event. We did it as volunteers and to be honest, after a few months, it was hard to find original things to say about a 5k that generally went well and had a similar set of people every week. But I’d been writing a novel for six years at his point, unsure who would ever see it. Now I’d been asked to upload 300+ words every fortnight that I knew a growing number of people would definitely read. It was the first time I properly felt the pull of blogging.



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