The psychology of freelance

I tell myself this is what it’s like setting up your own business. Whatever your line, it’s always slow at first, until people get to know you. Some of the ideas I’ve sent may well be still accepted, but editors will take time to decide on the content of their next issue. And I’m very fortunate to have had a successful pitch already.

I find the beginning of the week hardest. I wonder if I should have an official brainstorming session on Mondays. But it’s so easy to feel daunted by the blank piece of paper. When I had my first commision, with no real deadline, I found myself dawdling, aware it wouldn’t be as pleasant waiting for the next.

It’s almost certainly about confidence. As soon as I’ve had one workable idea, I start to have others. And often it’s not even the idea I need, just a strategy for how to find my market for a particular piece.

So, my current plan is to continue keeping ideas in a file, pulling them out towards the end of the week and working out a strategy for marketing at least one of them. I’ll leave the actual writing for Monday, so I know where I’m going to start after the weekend.


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